Whistleblowing Systems

A so-called whistleblowing system that is used in companies allows employees or, depending on the design, third parties (e.g. customers), to submit (anonymous) information about the conduct of employees, which is not in accordance with legal provisions or the company's code of conduct. Such systems may ensure that internal reports are further used to identify risks, monitoring deficiencies or irregularities as early as possible and - as a result - that appropriate and effective countermeasures are taken in time.

In this very delicate context, our lawyers at wkk law will support you in assessing and implementing the most suitable measures for your company and will advice you on legally binding regulations and standards while implementing them. We offer our legal advice to national companies and international corporations, especially with regard to the proper and compliant implementation of whistlebowing systems, taking into account the requirements of the Directive on Whistleblowing stipulated by the European Union.

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