Medical law

The lawyers of wkk law provide services and advice to patients, doctors, hospitals, professional liability insurers, health insurers, nursing homes and charitable foundations on all matters related to medical and health law.

Legal representation in the area of medical liability law is of particular practical importance. Medical errors, wrong diagnoses, failure to assess medical findings and insufficient information are common grounds for liability.

In justified cases, we assert claims for damages and compensation for pain and suffering for the aggrieved patients, but we also support medical practitioners who have to defend themselves against unjustified accusations and claims raised in that regard.

We represent the interests of the medical profession in all legal issues that may arise during the performance of their medical work. For instance, we advise medical practitioners on issues related to employment, company, tax and insurance law when setting up a legal framework. This includes, in particular, the purchase and takeover as well as the sale and handover of medical practices or the formation of joint practices.

Contact persons: Christian KuxBernhard Kispert