Inheritance and family law

Our experts will be pleased to assist you in all matters related to inheritance and family law. Often this not only involves drafting testamentary dispositions in the form of wills, legacies or devises, but also includes questions regarding company succession, the usefulness of setting up (family) foundations as well as questions of challenging a will and general assistance during probate proceedings.

We provide advice in the course of contentious and non-contentious divorces and dissolutions of extra-marital cohabitation. In this context, we also make maintenance and custody arrangements and deal with the division of matrimonial property.

We provide comprehensive advice on the legal consequences of marital and extra-marital cohabitation and their dissolution. This also includes the possibility of making advance agreements on matrimonial property and matrimonial savings. In addition, our experts will help you draft agreements regarding family law matters, in particular agreements regulating the matrimonial property regime and cohabitation agreements.

Arranging visitation between children and non-custodial parents is often a key issue, both for the parents and the children. It may also be necessary to make corresponding arrangements for step-parents, grandparents or foster parents. The experts of wkklaw provide advice and assistance in court proceedings and in devising out-of-court arrangements.

wkklaw also provides you with advice on drafting durable powers of attorney and/or advance healthcare directives, which are particularly recommended for medical emergencies, for elderly people, or in the event of the need for care. 

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